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Tips to Use When Choosing a Dog Walker

Whether your dog is an active puppy that needs a few miles of trotting every day or a couch potato, mental stimulation, and exercise are crucial for every dog. However, you could have long work hours, have a hectic schedule, or be physically unable to provide your dog with the needed exercise. As a responsible dog owner, you may consider having another person take care of your dog. You would not allow anybody to watch your children, and the same should be the case with your dog. So many people offer dog walking services, but they are different. To choose the right dog walker, make sure you pay attention to these points.

Is he a lover of animals? There is a big difference between a person seeking to earn a living and someone who really enjoys spending time with animals. Before settling for a person to walk your pup, introduce him to your pet and look at how they interact. Look at the walker’s non-verbal cues with your dog and be keen on how your pet reacts to him also. It is simple to spot a true animal lover versus someone who just tolerates animals. You desire your dog to walk with a person who truly cares for him. Being a dog aficionado should be the number one point!

Check the dog walker’s background or experience. A dog walker might love dogs and not have a dog. You should get someone with hands-on experience. He will need an understanding of dog behavior and body language. He must know how to differentiate aggression or fear from relaxation or excitement, not only in your dog, but in other dogs they could meet while walking. This is an element that might not seem important because you understand how to read your furry friend very well. However, it is a vital skill for any dog walker. Your dog walker must also utilize positive reinforcement to reward excellent behavior.

Can the dog walker physically handle your dog? A dog walker must possess the ability and confidence to walk your canine friend. You need to get a person who is comfortable with the species and size of your dog. In addition, look at how trained your animal is. Thus, if your large dog drags when he perceives another animal, you need assurance that your dog walker is strong enough to stop your animal from bolting.

How long will the dog walker walk your dog? Most average dog walks last for 20-30 minutes. At times, that includes the time the dog walker picks and drops your dog. Ask a prospective dog walker how long he will walk your animal. If your pet is high energy and requires a relatively longer walk, make sure your dog walker is able and ready to match his activity level.

Getting a suitable person to walk your dog is not an easy task. You should look for someone who loves dogs, is experienced in dog walking, can physically handle your animal, and match your dog’s activity level.

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